The awareness consultation is the one for you, if:

♡ You are curious to see what would make your body thrive;

♡ You wonder what you need in order to feel whole again;

♡ You seek support, understanding and love;

♡ You desire more than a quick visit at the doctor’s office;

♡ You are tired of receiving medicine prescriptions;

♡ You believe that it's time for a change;

♡ You feel confused with all the dietary trends and what is right for your body;

♡ You want to work with a specialist who will truly listen to your needs;

♡ You need guidance to create the life you dream of;

♡ You want to live longer, healthier and happier.

I would love to hear your story.

Email me at


How does it work?

Each of us knows someone who struggles with a health condition. Correct? Weight loss, autoimmune conditions, skin issues, lack of energy, migraine, and the list goes on. When you're healthy and fit, and you have a fulfilling life, you can do so many more things and help you and your family live a life without diseases and limitations.

It's not always easy. Agree. But why damage the only home you have on Earth - your body? If you are on this page, it means that you already have this inner awareness that something must be done. Meet me for a 100 min private consultation and get clear on your path.

What does it look like:

1. Email me at and share what would you like me to help you with
2. Schedule an appointment
3. Meet me online
4. Together we will fill in a short Health History form
5. We will discuss the areas where you can make improvements
6. I will share with you tips and ideas on how achieve these improvements
7. You can ask me questions and I'll provide you with their answers on the spot

Sometimes life can get busy and we might not have time or energy to join a health coaching session during the working week. That's okay.

I offer my time during the weekends too. Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, it's not a problem. Let me know what is your availability and I will send you a reply with my availability too.

Frequently Asked Questions