I’ve been saying to myself that I’m eating healthy. For 3 years now I’m saying to myself how wrong I was back then! Tanya showed me step by step the true healthy living, shared with real proof, real scientific facts and opened up my eyes. Have me lots of materials that covered all my questions. I still follow her advices nowadays. I’ve changed a lot inside and outside, my energy level is always up. The benefits list can’t fit this feedback. I own her what I am today and I am so thankful for listening to her. With all my heart, I recommend Tanya if you want to really change yourself and descover how great your body can transform.Alex
The happy person is the healthy person. Nothing else matters more than health. During the last few years i passed trough some healthy problems like very common urinary tract infections, headache and continuous fatigue. I was trying to get over it using different medicines and vitamins but with no results. The conversations with Tanya made me understand how important our nutrition is. We are what we eat, what we put inside our bodies. Using her advices and passion for healthy living, today i’m happier, healthier, full of energy, clean inside and outside.Natalia