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The Truth About B12

It’s one of the most discussed topics when it comes to being vegan. Good that science already discovered and proved that meat-eaters suffer for vitamin B12 deficiency even more than vegans do. Because vitamin B12 is not made by animals!


Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin also known as cobalamin. It is involved in the metabolism of every single cell in the human body, and it is vital for optimal health. B12 is made by bacteria found in DIRT (soil), it’s not made by animals directly. Do you know that nowadays conventionally raised cows are being injected with B12 because they are not fed with plants (which contain B12) anymore? Cows’ food is artificial and unhealthy! Not to mention the hormones and antibiotics that are present in their diet too.


The fact is, B12 is abundant in nature. B12 was found in unwashed fruits, vegetables and plants in general when the soil was maintained in good condition, enriched and kept safe. The whole issue with the B12 deficiency is that nowadays every piece of plant is washed extensively like there might be something dangerous on its surface. This is how we remove vitamin B12 from our foods. All disinfection, protection, sterilizing, running away from nature – our home.


Our primate cousins, like the gorilla, obtain B12 from bacteria present in the wild – living on plants, in the water they drink, and from the consumption of soil. Humans used to get B12 from eating fruits, vegetables, drinking fresh water from springs and streams, and by farming and then eating without washing their hands. We used to do the same in our grandparents’ garden, remember? Since we no longer do these things, “natural” plant-based sources of vitamin B12 have dropped out of modern life.


I’m not a doctor and I do not want to be, but if you’re unsure or afraid, I advise you to schedule a check-up with your GP and use a supplement until you reach the optimal level of vitamin B12 in your blood. If you are vitamin B12 deficient, try to eat at least 2/3 of your food raw. It will only help you. Let me share with you that I regularly go on a preventive check-up and I always require detailed blood tests, including vitamin B12. Out of curiosity Guess what. I have it perfect. How is it possible when I do not consume animal products? Plants! They have all you need


Most of the vegans who are B12 deficient are simply not nutrivores. You can be vegan with french fries and vegan white pasta with tomato sauce too but is that nutritious? Without the proper nutrients on a daily basis, your gut flora will get out of balance and it’s so normal that vitamin B12 will be affected too! True is that omnivores can get some vitamin B12 because it’s attached to the protein in the meat. This is because, in the cow’s gut, it can be possible that bacteria make a certain amount of B12. The problem is that you need pretty good stomach acid and digestive enzymes to remove that B12 from the meat and absorb it. Fact is that a lot of people don’t do that very well so most of the B12 – deficient people are actually the meat-eaters.


Once again, if you are B12 deficient, discuss it with your doctor and take action. Vitamin B12 is something that you need for healthy nerves and healthy blood so if supplementation is needed, go ahead. But bear in mind something really important. Vitamin B12 is strongly connected with the health of your gut flora. First help is to heal and detox your microflora with organic, non-washed fresh plant foods which are extremely rich in microorganisms. Remove the toxins from your diet and stay away from allergens like fish, meat, eggs, sugar, etc. There are so many vegans and raw foodies who have optimal levels of vitamin B12 and haven’t eaten animal products for decades! Maybe it’s good to think about that too.



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