The Working Week Reset

It is here! ♡

My first eBook, that I put all my soul into, is finally here and ready for you to read it.

The Working Week Reset is an eBook, specially designed for people who work from Monday to Friday and struggle to find time to eat healthy or take care of themselves.

I created this eBook in order to show you how I manage to eat healthy every day, at every meal and how I manage to have consistent energy from 5 am until 10 pm - every day, while working full-time, lead a team, take care of a child and running my own coaching business. I found out what is needed to make our body work for us and I share my knowledge with you in this eBook.

You will find inside a full meal plan for 7 days, a detailed shopping list, knowledge in the field of healthy diet and many tips and tricks on how to organize yourself and how to naturally boost your energy levels.

Working Week Healthy Eating Vegan Weight Loss Ebook Download

I prepared recipes that call for simple products, minimum time and provide tons of nutrients. The same recipes I cook for me and my family. These recipes are also made with 100% plant-based whole food ingredients. Not only that they are super tasty and nourishing, but they are good for the environment too!

All of the recipes use simple ingredients and come with easy-to-follow instructions so you can prepare delicious meals with minimal effort and time spent in the kitchen. These meals contain real food and will give you energy after you consume them. It's the way our body is designed to thrive - eat, receive energy and feel good! I recommend that you follow the meal plan to the maximum in order to achieve the best results.

We have quinoa risotto, nourish bowls, delicious smoothies, vegan & gluten-free chocolate brownie and so much more nutrient dense meals. ♡

I designed the menu to be easy but to also contain enough food and calories. But there is also some good news! If you're not satisfied with one smoothie, you're always welcome to consume two of them. Healthy food is gold!

Shopping list is also available in the eBook. We have all ingredients from all the recipes written in the last part of the eBook so you can easily print them and go shopping.

You will also find useful knowledge information about gluten, sugar cycle, the benefits of quinoa and kale as well as the answers to the questions "Why no gluten, meat or dairy are included into this week's meal plan..?"

In addition, I included many tips and tricks on how to take care of yourself, how to master time management and many other easy things that you can do to increase your energy while going to work every day.

I am sure you will love this way of living.

I created this eBook to help us thrive from Monday to Friday. And then... enjoy the weekends with even tastier dishes!

Welcome to my working week full of energy.

If you wish to own this ebook and let it help you be healthier, happier and have more energy, click on the button below and get your copy.

Sending you love and health. ♡