6-Month Boost Your Immunity Program

The 6-month program is an opportunity for you to get to know your body and how it actually functions. Once you understand how to support it, you will forget how it feels to be sick. This program changes lives.

Within 6 months, we will have 12 sessions, 1 hour each. That makes 12 beautiful hours of conversations that matter! I will encourage you to adopt healthy behaviour changes and will hold you accountable for the choices you make.

You will receive:

♡ full support via email between our sessions
♡ support via Instagram chat as well
♡ meal plans with immunity boosting recipes
♡ guidance, support, understanding
♡ you will get your questions answered
♡ advice and valuable information

and so much more!

This program is so exciting. ☆

I would love to hear from you. Email me at welcome@purelytanya.com.


How does it work?

Each of us knows many people who struggle with some health condition. Right? Weight loss, autoimmune conditions, skin issues, lack of energy, migraine and the list goes on. When you're healthy and fit, and you have a fulfilling life, you can do so many more things and you can help you and your family live a life without diseases and limitations.

Just imagine that you won't be afraid of viruses, bacteria and that the flu season is here!

The human body is the perfect machine. It can heal itself by itself. It has all the tools to fight back any disease but it has to be strong, supported and very very clean.

I will give you tons of recipes that will boost your immunity in the most natural and clean way. You will learn how to make home remedies whenever needed. I will also offer you valuable information about how the immune system works so you can understand why artificial vitamins from a bottle can't help.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I am trained to provide you with the guidance, listening and advice you need to reach your goals. Because... you know how the conventional medicine works - prescription after prescription, drug after drug, tests, hospitals and all that being done on YOUR body.

How many immune boosting syrups have you tried? How many vitamins have you taken throughout the years? Do you keep on getting sick?

To enrol to my 6-Month Immune Boosting Program, please:

1. Email me at welcome@purelytanya.com and share what would you like to work on
2. Schedule an appointment
3. Meet me online
4. Together we will fill in a Health History form
5. We will discuss the areas where we can make improvements
6. Then I will come up with a plan for the next sessions
7. I will prepare meal plans with healthy recipes to boost your immunity
8. I will coach you and offer you guidance in order to naturally boost and support your immunity

I know how busy life can get sometimes. Therefore you can have the consultations with me during the weekend as well. Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, it's not a problem.

Let me know your availability and I will let you know mine so we can make it work.

Frequently Asked Questions