6-Month Weight-Loss Program

This 6-month program was carefully designed to bring awareness and plant the seed to a healthier and happier life. It’s time to start believing in yourself and the powers you possess to lose weight with the help of nature.

Within 6 months, we will have 12 sessions. Each session lasts 60 minutes. I will highlight the areas where we will focus our effort and help you make immediate lifestyle changes to work towards your goals.

You will receive:

♡ understanding and guidance
♡ full support via email between the sessions
♡ meal plans with healthy recipes for weight-loss, created based on your preferences, allergies, etc
♡ eBooks to help you understand the matter of a healthy lifestyle
♡ my special Weight-Loss guide with simple steps to take if you want to lose weight
♡ support via Instagram chat

and more.

I would love to hear your story. Email me at

How does it work?

Weight-loss is a struggle to many but it's not that hard to get on the right path when you put the time and work. I will review the Health History you will fill in for me, then will go through it and highlight the areas where we will focus.

We will talk about foods, exercises, your job, general lifestyle, what you like and what you don't like. I'll then prepare meal plans based on your preferences for food but in accordance to the recommendations for weight-loss. So you will be fully covered with ideas for the next two weeks, until our next session. Then, you'll receive the next meal plans.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I am trained to provide you with the guidance, listening, and advice you need to reach your goals. Because... you know how the conventional medicine works - prescription after prescription, drug after drug, tests, hospitals and all that being done on YOUR body. Sometimes, you don't really see results, do you?

Diets don't work. Once you get off the diet, the weight comes back.

There is no magic pill for weight-loss and we don't need it. Weight-loss comes with lots of benefits - clearer skin, lighter body, improved health, better sleep, positive mood, longer lifespan and so much more. A pill could never provide these.

The secret is to create the right lifestyle habits and to get used with them, to love them and to feel good in your skin.

The process:

1. Email me at and share what would you like to work on
2. Schedule an appointment
3. Meet me online
4. Together we will fill in a Health History form during our first session
5. We will discuss the areas where we can make improvements
6. I will make a plan for you and start coaching you
7. I will offer you meal plans, guides, ebooks and more throughout the program

I know that life can get busy sometimes. Therefore you can have the consultations with me during the weekend as well. Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, it's not a problem.

Let me know your availability and I will let you know mine so we can make it work.

Frequently Asked Questions